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To find a specific school, type part of the school's name in the School/Institution Name field. For example, to search for David Starr Jordan High School, type Jordan into the school name field, leave the other fields blank, and select Submit. This will result in a list of all the accredited or candidate schools with the word Jordan in their name.

For a list of schools in your area, leave the school/institution name field blank, and use the drop-down menu in the other fields to select your area and then click Submit.

Some fields will become blank when they are not applicable. For example, you can search for Country Japan, the State/Territory and County fields will become blank.

For a list of a certain type of schools, use the drop-down menu in the Category field. You can further filter this search by also making a selection from the Country, State/Territory, or County fields.

Additional campuses associated with a school will appear below the school information in the search results. If there are campuses that match your search criteria, a list of matching campuses will appear at the bottom of the results page.

ACS WASC Accreditation Code: The ACS WASC accreditation code can be found by clicking on the school's name to display more details. The ACS WASC code will be listed immediately below the grade span.

The directory is not case sensitive.

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